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Discover Translab.ai

How do we harness
the power of IoT
to solve problems,
big and small?

At Translab.ai, we are in the business of pushing boundaries, working as we do with integrated systems, devices and sensors.

RUBii, our unique platform, is designed to integrate solutions, provide optimal control and redefine capabilities.

We are also mavericks in our thinking, which means we don’t just wholeheartedly embrace the wonders of technology,
but also bring our engineering capabilities of making things that work into…well, our work!

Problems we solve

At Translab.ai, we transform businesses by plugging in intelligence through value-focused IoT solutions. This translates to multiple benefits including the inducing of digital transformation, greater energy savings, building operational excellence and enhancing user experience. Our micro-services are solutions that help solve problems across Buildings, Retail, Manufacturing and Agriculture.

Smart Buildings

The ideal working spaces are those you never notice because they are designed to be effective and focused on productivity. This can be achieved with a perfectly collaborated machine-human ecosystem behind-the-scenes that translates to great user experience contributing to increased productivity. For businesses, this means the best utilization of resources, enhanced efficiency and significant cost-savings.

Smart Retail

The retail industry has to keep pace with changing customer expectations. Newer technologies have helped malls and retailers stay relevant by employing a data-driven approach to measuring the behaviour of their shoppers, enhance customer experience and gain loyalty. IoT enabled solutions help retailers work with usable data to create immersive customer experiences and gain competitive advantages.

Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is complex with many moving parts. Digital transformation helps streamline systems and processes to ensure production optimization. Smart manufacturing processes automatically collect and analyse data to help factory managers make informed decisions. Production optimization with IoT-enabled infrastructure ensures improvements in product quality, production efficiency and energy use.

Smart Agriculture

Increasing adoption of technology including IoT enabled solutions in agriculture is not just the need of the hour but an imperative. Exponential population growth, a need to produce 70% more food by 2050, shrinking agricultural lands, depletion of finite natural resources, and shifting structure of the agricultural workforce the world over are a few of the many critical reasons to enhance farm yield.

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