Smart Retail

The retail industry is rapidly changing to keep pace with changing customer expectations. The rise and availability of innovative technologies such as proximity marketing have helped malls and retailers stay relevant by employing a data-driven approach to measuring the behaviour of their shoppers.

Ready access to data and insights from Machine Learning is helping retail houses be more decisive in how to manage changes in the retail business. Smart Retail Solutions by offers complete IoT-based technology solutions overlapped on the basics of image or video analytics, data processing, and IoT sensing wireless mesh.

Today’s technologically savvy customers are used to digital interfaces and touchpoints when shopping for their needs. Their purchasing decisions are made not just on what they see on the shelves but are based on how the store environment reacts to them.

The Advantage: Smart Retail Solutions by uses sensors and our innovative tech platform, RUBii to capture customer action points, which are then digitized and transformed into various, predefined metrics. This information helps derive and extract insights on the deliverable key result metrics including layout efficiency, response to targeted marketing, and resource allocations. Data based on such parameters help our retail clients increase customer footfall and sharpen effective customer engagement.

Digital transformation for operational technology offers a unique blend of solutions with its in-depth understanding of Operational Technology and the benefits it brings to retail spaces. Our IoT solutions can help bring down traditional retail expenses optimizing operational technology like HVAC, Lighting, and other modules over multiple channels. A critical area for retail which is in-store security is further strengthened with adequate video surveillance. leverages its understanding of OT and uses data to fill gaps, and even identify new revenue streams with data analytics.

Parameters we track for you

  • Footfall / Traffic
  • Dwell time
  • User comfort (temperature & lighting)
  • Visitor identification
  • Flow paths
  • Merchandise sales
  • Customer behaviour & Gesture
  • Engagement time
  • Passers-by

Layout Efficiency

Calculated product display strategy based on heat map technology – the algorithm computed for store owners to fully understand customer behaviour and flow.

Targeted Marketing via BI

Leverage Business Intelligence (BI) from information collected on customer profiles, analysis of shopping patterns, responses to in-store touch points and marketing collateral, thereby helping retailers create effective marketing plans.

Resource Allocation

Analyse data from traffic performance, weather forecast, and future holidays to predict customer flow enabling retailers to plan better, including the re-stocking of supplies and adjustments to employee schedules.

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