At, we transform businesses by plugging in intelligence through value-focused IoT solutions. This translates to multiple benefits including the inducing of digital transformation, greater energy savings, building operational excellence and enhancing user experience. Our micro-services are solutions that help solve problems across Buildings, Retail, Manufacturing and Agriculture.

Technology by leverages its advanced IoT technology framework that comprises various layers of IoT building blocks. This framework adds up to a final solution that is delivered with high quality, reliability and security. To do this, we harness the power of IoT and AI to enable intelligence, sustainability and productivity by augmenting the power of our Sensors, Gateways and Controllers. The Software layer that collects and makes data intelligent is a platform that is designed in-house, called RUBii.


Sensors & Controllers

The in-house engineered and designed modular-based miniature sensor modules that uses are true wireless, secure and battery-powered with a life of up to five years. Our sensor modules are the composite of different sensors that can be used in various micro-services in any industry. These sensors are equipped with low power wireless protocol with decentralized operations.



Complex IoT challenges need a connection that is highly reliable and scalable. works on mesh wireless connectivity technology that offers reliability, scalability, and low latency – built for massive IoT deployment. The mesh connectivity is built with self-healing capabilities, zero-touch provisioning, and can support up to 4 billion devices in a single network.


Edge Gateway

The IoT Edge gateway that works with comprises various field protocols with edge capabilities integrated to make it possible to process the large volumes of data generated by sensors locally, and takes decisions in real-time, thus reducing latency.



The entire data crunching happens on our back end infrastructure, hosted on third-party enterprise cloud, which involves machine data normalization, intelligent routing, over-the-air updates, real-time monitoring of the sensor network, and the entire infrastructure. Sensor-generated data is analyzed on our back end system after which the AI engine is activated to take decisions on its own enabling it to control lights, dampers, and various other assets to reduce energy spend, enhance predictive maintenance, and proactive monitoring among other things.


Enterprise Applications

At, we have created various micro-services – basically the end applications, after understanding the challenges which can be solved with the help of IoT. These applications can be deployed in smart buildings, smart manufacturing, smart retail and smart agriculture.

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